Мегамаркет в интернете. Российская торговая площадка, где встречаются продавцы и покупатели, чтобы выгодно продать или приобрести товар.

Телефон пресс-службы - +7(495)739-47-41 (с 10-00 до 18-00);


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When historically the United States Government has been NO Friend to the Black people (slavery, segregation laws, etc.), why would we want to empower them with more regulation and more authority over our lives such as with expanded entitlement programs that the Democrats are known for? Are we really THAT incapable of taking care of ourselves? Coeesrvativns are for small government and personal freedoms. (forget Cheney/Bush, I am talking about an ideology) I say, get the government out of our lives and let us take care of our families.